The Global History Timeline Project

About the Project

ITAC is excited to launch The Global History Timeline Project, which will begin to write the history of our international field by creating a timeline of significant events from around the world.  Our field is known by many names – “teaching artist,” “community artist,” “social practice artist,” “artist in residence,” “citizen artist,” and more – but together we have one history.

This timeline will be officially launched at the Fourth International Teaching Artist Conference in New York on September 13 -15, 2018 and will help to document the proud and complex history of our global field for the first time!

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Add an Item to the Timeline

Please contribute to the timeline by entering the key pieces of history from your home area.  Historical events can include the start of a new program, a new kind of funding, the publication of a book or new resource, a big event that changed things, a research report, whatever has been important for the growth of your field at home. 

To contribute to the Timeline, simply click on the link below. We are asking that you create your entry in English for this first iteration of the timeline, with one historical item per entry – but you can post multiple entries. *Please note: your entry won’t appear right away, as each entry is reviewed to assure accuracy and no advertising.

Add an item to the Timeline