ITAC4 Schedule

View the Fourth International Teaching Artist Conference schedule & directory.

*Day 2 – Site Visit Workshop Details

Take a deeper dive into conference topics and themes by working alongside New York City teaching artists in these half-day, site specific, hands-on workshops at one of the three host organizations (Carnegie Hall, DreamYard, or Lincoln Center Education). Delegates may pre-select their site visit choice or decide at registration on Day 1.

Creating Artistic Communities with Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute (154 West 57th Street)

Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute (WMI) is guided by three core values: artistry, community, and equity. Celebrating the creativity of every participant, WMI works with hundreds of thousands of students and teachers in classrooms and concert halls across the country, and through workshops and residencies in correctional facilities, healthcare settings, homeless shelters, foster care, and juvenile justice settings. In this workshop, join WMI Teaching Artists for an exploration of songwriting from three different perspectives and approaches. Participatory activities and group discussions will engage in the following questions:

  • How do artists build trust with participants and bring them into the creative process?
  • How do artists think about their own practice as a way of supporting others to bring their voice, stories, and agency to a project?
  • How can artists effectively adapt and respond to participants needs throughout a project, while maintaining artistic quality?
  • How might artists approach the work differently based on the type of setting or community with in which you are working? What elements of the process are constant?

Social Justice and the Arts with DreamYard (1085 Washington Avenue, Bronx, NY)

DreamYard lives and thrives in the Bronx. Though it has been in a constant state of transition and development for the last few decades, the Bronx (a northern borough of New York City) continues to evolve as a wellspring of cultural diversity, creativity and resilient communities. The demographics of our participants span the globe and as such, our programs reflect the necessity for empowering those who join us to celebrate their culture and where they’re from while creating instances of community. With a focus on healing and restorative justice, join DreamYard teaching artists and staff in exploring the opportunities to navigate and nurture place-based work in schools and their surrounding communities through music, poetry, visual arts, dance/movement, and theater.

Aesthetic Experiences and Social Imagination with Lincoln Center Education (165 West 65th Street)

Study of the arts cultivates a unique set of skills useful beyond the stage or studio and indispensable for the 21st century: problem-solving, collaboration, communication, imagination, and creativity. Lincoln Center Education (LCE) has spent more than 40 years using imaginative learning techniques to help students develop habits of mind vital to success in every subject, equipping them for success in their future careers and preparing them to serve as active participants in their communities. Structuring experiences that are focused around a single work of music, dance, art, or theater, LCE teaching artists lead students and adults into a deep, sustained engagement with the work – enabling them to find patterns, notice details, make connections, and question the choices the artist made thus activating their imagination as they develop an understanding of the logic of the work.

Take a journey and activate your social imagination through this aesthetic and reflective process as we examine Soundtrack ’63 a live, multimedia musical performance and retrospective of the African-American experience in America. It is an artistic survey of the past that gives context to the present day condition and asks important questions about our future. This full sensory live documentary takes viewers on a journey from the African continent through milestone events in African-American history with a captivating immersive video of archival footage and animation as the backdrop. The soundtrack of spirituals, protest songs, and popular music from throughout the 20th century will be performed by an 18-piece orchestra and dynamic vocal chamber conducted by Musical Director Asante Amin.